Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Get out, Get active, Have fun!

Yesterday was the final day of nice weather we're going to have for a while. Snow is in the forecast for tomorrow, and I don't see myself leaving my blanket and slippers until at least April. To enjoy the nice 70 degree weather, we decided to go hiking at Humpback rock. It was a steep climb to the top, but we enjoyed every moment. Although we had several close calls, we ended the afternoon with zero wipeouts so it was a successful day of hiking!  

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Holiday Fashion

I'm so excited for the holiday season. I can't wait to sing "Step into Christmas" in public without receiving confused looks, oops!

Brocade, sequins, and gold detailing

Tory Burch Holiday 2014

Sunday, October 12, 2014

13 Reasons I Love Instagram


Halloween Inspiration +ModCloth  ~ Cute Winter Fashions via @bishopandholland


A Prepster's Guide to Winter via @prepavenue ~ Cute Quotes +C. Wonder 


An Early Start to Christmas +Chiara Ferragni ~ Bean Boots and Camp Socks +belleoftheball45 


Rachel Zoe Inspiration +Rachel Zoe ~ Fall for Fringe +Who What Wear 


VC Polo Classic +Who What Wear ~ High End Inspiration via @negin_mirsalehi


Perfect Hair via @negin_mirsalehi ~ Always having a good time +Chiara Ferragni 

Fall is for cute puppies wrapped in blankets +Aritzia 

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Saturday, August 23, 2014

J. Crew Launches New Fragrances

"No. 57 evokes the warmth of the wood and glow of the party (aged whiskey, cinnamon bark, labdanum and vanilla)" - Elle

"No. 31 reflects the crowd and the cocktails (red vermouth, eau-de-vie accord, Bulgarian rose, and damson plum)." - Elle

Thursday, August 21, 2014

These Shoes Are Made For Walking

Since my two weeks in New York City I have been obsessed with Keds and Converse shoes. Walking the streets of NYC is the ultimate test of how comfortable your shoes actually are. I returned to my dorm after only my first day of classes with blisters and aching feet. The only thing worse than having throbbing feet, is being the only one on dorm with aching feet! Almost all of the other girls wore their white converse shoes (seen below on TCP) or Keds on the long walks/subway rides to class every day.  


Converse: Seen on The College Prepster ~ Keds: Seen on Taylor Swift

Since my two weeks in New York I now have my own pair of Keds! I debated whether to get a white pair of either Converse or Keds because of their versatility, however in the end a navy and white pair of Keds trumped all the others. 



I was debating on getting the sailboat pair as well. They are just so fun! 

Picture from my Instagram

Saturday, July 26, 2014

New York: Week 1

Here are few of the many pictures I've taken this week in NYC!

Train trip from Greenwich to NYC!

First stop in the city: Pret  A Manger

Ready for first day of class

In Time Square as they where filming for Project Runway: All Stars!

Forever 21 

High Line 

Live, Work, Create.

Puppies in the pet shop window 

MET for the Charles James Exhibit 

Such a beautiful day! 

DASH SOHO with friends